As FSM Tractor we manufacture and supply tractors, agrimotors, agricultural machines, agricultural machineries, agriculture machines, agriculture machineries, tractor spares, tractor spare parts, tractor parts, reaper-binders, reaping-machines, binders, reapers, sesame reaper-binders, sesame reaping-machines, sesame binders, sesame reapers, tractor, agrimotor, agricultural machine, agricultural machinery, agriculture machine, agriculture machinery, tractor spare, tractor spare part, tractor part, reaper-binder, reaping-machine, binder, reaper, sesame reaper-binder, sesame reaping-machine, sesame binder, sesame reaper... FSM tractor was founded in 2014, authorized person of company started its business career in selling department of tractors in Gebze in 1993 and had continued to work in thracian district since 1999, in 2002 he signed out from this job, in 2003 he had made Tekirdag and Ipsala local dealership of JohnDeere tractors and decided manufacturing and marketing of tractors and now company continues its activities in its factory and facility, located in Tekirdag and Gebze. Company keeps growing and developing in the direction of determined export targets of Turkey in target markets and company now exports its productions to Sudan, Ethiopia, Pakistan and Kosova. Company also continues to have relations on various countries. Company aims to meet increasing demands with the help of its new production line which was completed in 2016. Company manufactures its products by using %90 of raw materials with domestic raw materials and thus company has been local establishment of Turkey and this is a spring of proud for our company.

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Ortacami Mah., Hükümet Cad., Belediye İş Merkezi No: 403, Süleymanpaşa, Tekirdağ, Turkey
Authorized Person:
Erdoğan ÖREN
+90 533 722 59 20